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When You Need Rent To Own Cars Around The Southfield Area, Avis Ford Can Help!

Rent To Own Cars Southfield MI

Are you a prospective car buyer looking to lease, rent, or purchase a vehicle from a Ford dealership? At Avis Ford Credit Services, we specialize in putting people into their very own brand new and used cars. It's easy to begin the process. Just fill out our online form, which will ask you for some very basic information, and should only take a few minutes, soon you will be shifting your new gears into motion. We tend to the individual needs of our clients so that we can help them be happy and successful borrowers.

We at Avis Ford Credit Services have the best automobile credit and loan options available in Southfield. Read the testimonials from our other satisfied customers. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to address your concerns. We are here to help you in every step of the way!

Rent To Own Cars In Southfield

If you have a poor credit score, lenders may not be willing to lend you money, or the interest rate will be huge. However, cars are easy to value and can be resold fairly easily. Because of this, most people with bad credit can get money for a car loan. Our new and used car and truck leasing can even help you build credit no matter what your credit history is. With our longstanding history of helping customers with poor credit, we have one of the lowest rejection rates in the state of Michigan. Here are some of the advantages of shopping with us first:

  • No minimum credit score required
  • Minimum down payment or use a trade-in accepted
  • Bankruptcies will not get you blacklisted at our dealership
Rent To Own Cars Southfield MI

It's time to get your four wheels on the road and set your dreams and goals into motion! If you are currently looking for a new or used vehicle, lease to own cars, or rent to own cars, the chances are that you may need to find and obtain some automobile financing. The majority of car buyers do not normally have $10,000 or more in cash available to purchase a vehicle, and buying a car becomes especially difficult if they happen to have credit issues.

"When I first considered financing a new vehicle I thought it would be impossible, but then I decided to go see the credit crew over at Avis Ford. Even though I had horrible credit they were more than happy to help me and got me setup in a new vehicle that day. Great service, friendly crew, I would recommend to anyone having trouble getting financed."

- Bill

Meet The Avis Ford Crew!

Gene Mcharris

Gene McHarris is one of Avis Ford's most seasoned sales and financial experts. Gene has over 30 years of finance and car sales experience and provides exceptional customer service for our customers each and every day. He started the "Hammertime Credit" special finance program at Avis Ford back in 1990.

Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray is our Subprime Inventory Specialist here at Avis Ford with over 7 years' experience in this industry. He provides a great level of knowledge and expertise for our Special Finance Department and has been in the department for over 4 years now.

Avis Ford Credit Solutions is the leading dealership for rent to own cars throughout Southfield and Metro Detroit! We make it easy to get into your new car with bad or no credit! Contact us today to get started on your next car!