Work with me Dave

Hey everyone! I'm Dave, a finance specialist at Avis Ford. In the metro Detroit area, I am also known as "Work with me Dave". I have been in the car business for thirty years and I specialize in helping customers that have bad credit, repossessions, bankruptcies, and other major credit issues. Now that I work at Avis Ford, I know that this is the perfect dealership for me to spread the word that I am here to get you into a reliable vehicle the same day that you come in.

As of now, I am on the radio on channel 1200 AM, 105.9 FM, and 102.7 FM Praise Radio spreading the message that just because you have credit issues doesn't mean you should have to drive a junk vehicle.

We offer many programs here at Avis Ford, so apply now and our credit crew can get you cruising back on the right track today!


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